Little Fire Ant Management Options

Everyone deserves to live without Little Fire Ants.

Tango Bait Treatment Plan

Simple, Sustainable and No Toxicant Pesticides Used

Baits are collected by worker ants and taken back to the nests where they are shared. We use Tango, which is an Insect Growth Regulators (IGR), not a toxicant bait. We mix it with the Hawaii Ant Lab’s peanut butter bait matrix and the ants love it! (P.S. Bees are not attracted to the bait) We then spread it all over the yard for the LFA to bump into (LFA can’t smell and communicate with pheromones) Tango is safe around animals and kids and is labeled for use on all land based plants, including edibles. It won’t kill Little Fire Ants but it is one of the most sustainable and effective ways to manage LFA. It stops queen ants from producing viable eggs and over time the ants die from natural causes and there are less and less ants to replace them. Our method is sustainable because the ants never detect that the bait is causing this reaction so they never develop BAIT SHYNESS, like they do with toxicant baits. 

Application Rate:

Every 4-6 weeks

Plan Package:

10 Treatments

Billed Monthly (Go Paperless & Save 5%)

Bait & Barrier Treatment Plan

Tango Bait Treatments with the Added Protection & Quick Relief

In addition to the Tango Bait Application this plan includes Barrier treatments which are applied sparingly to create invisible protective perimeters. These are applied outside to keep Little Fire Ants from crossing over it. They can also be applied along the property line and other areas you would like to protect or quarantine. The barrier is applied 2-3 weeks after a bait treatment. We do this so the little fire ants have a good chance at getting the bait they bump into back to the nest.

Application Rate:

Tango Bait: Every 4-6 weeks
Barrier: Every 60-90 days

Plan Package:

10 Tango Bait Treatments
5 Barrier Treatments

Billed Monthly (Go Paperless & Save 5%)

Landscaping and Lawn Care

Creating a manicured outdoor space is key to living without Little Fire Ants

Little Fire Ants thrive in dark moist environments. They do not make mound nests, rather they create little nests in ready made homes. They can make a single nest inside of a mac nut shell. A manicured lawn is essential in eliminating potential nest sites and increasing the reach and effectiveness of LFA bait and barrier treatments. We cannot emphasize what a big difference we see when treating yards that are well manicured compared to yards that have a lot of hiding places for LFA. 

If your yard is in need of a simple fresh start or you would like to create a tropical botanical paradise in your back yard (Fire Ant Free) we can help bring your vision into reality. 

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